Purchase of forest properties

Agricultural land

Purchase of cutting rights

Purchase of timber

Care about your forest!

Owners sell forest properties – i.e. land on which trees grow – to us for various reasons.

Every property needs attention, and carefully planned and proficient measures continuously increase the value of your forest. If you as a forest owner do not have the time or desire to manage your forest, it makes sense to sell it. This is more responsible behaviour towards nature than neglecting the forest.

A property with a freshly matured and well-managed forest is the most profitable.

What kind of forest land do we buy?

Please contact us if you would like to sell

  • a mature forest
  • a maturing forest
  • forest properties
  • forest properties on which forest has been cut

We can also be your partner in the case of a forest property, which

  • is encumbered with a mortgage
  • is in co-ownership
  • is located in a nature reserve (including a NATURA area)

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