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Why sell cutting rights?

If you want to sell timber from your forest, but you do not have time for organising the cutting, trust us to take care of this process.

Selling the cutting rights is the most common way of selling timber among private forest owners in Estonia. Namely, cutting requires ample expertise and time that not all forest owners have. So the easiest way is to sell the cutting rights to us.

To be able to sell your cutting rights, you must have a valid forest management plan and notification. If you do not have a forest management plan, please contact us anyway, because we can assist you in preparing one. If you sell the cutting rights to us, we will draw up a plan for free.

Our team will ensure that cutting complies with current legislation and good practice and brings you the highest possible return, while managing your forest sustainably.

When is the right time to sell forest cutting rights?

A mature forest – one that does not grow any more – should be cut. When a forest has become mature, it is best to perform clear-cutting.

Assessing the maturity of a forest requires expertise and specific skills, which are offered by forest assessment companies. The following broad rules exist:

  •  a forest matures faster on fertile land
  •  a forest will yield timber around 30 years after planting

For more information, please see the Forest Management Rules. The Rules specify, for example, the age of a stand and the diameter of trees that can be cut.
If a management plan has been drawn up for your forest, you know for many years in advance when the time is right to sell cutting rights or timber.

When your forest is mature for cutting, contact us without delay

As time passes, a mature forest will deteriorate rather than improve. If a mature forest is left to grow further, you will not get school money for your grandchildren when cutting it in, e.g. ten years, because the value of a mature forest shrinks with each passing day. The owner of a mature spruce forest should act particularly quickly.

Two reasons why potential income from a mature forest left to grow further will quickly decline:

  • an old forest is increasingly susceptible to diseases and pests – the more diseases there are, the lower the selling value of the forest
  • overly mature forests tend to be more readily devastated by storms

Thus, it is most profitable to sell a maturing or mature forest.

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