Purchase of forest properties

Agricultural land

Purchase of cutting rights

Purchase of timber


Forest and land are resources that should be managed sustainably and prudently. For owners who do so, forest and land represent a valuable investment and source of income.

We will help you to manage your forest efficiently. We also buy forest and agricultural land and timber.

We are a reliable partner in the field of forestry to

  • private owners
  • companies operating in the field

The owners of our company have had experience in the forestry sector since 2001, when OÜ SKP Wood was founded. In 2008 OÜ SKP Invest was also founded.

Do you want to sell your agricultural or forest land or cutting rights?

We buy timber, standing crop cutting rights and forest and agricultural land across Estonia.

Why use SKP Invest?

  • We respond to all sales offers and inquiries
  • We come and inspect your land and forest whether it is on the mainland or on the islands
  • We make a price offer quickly
  • We offer a fair price
  • We share our expertise with you

Do you want to have a forest management plan to be drawn up?

You have come to the right place. We have long-standing cooperation partners with whom we will prepare a management plan for your forest. We will take care of all the procedures.

If you sell your property or cutting rights to us, we will prepare a forest management plan for free.

Do you have any questions regarding your forest?

Take advantage of our experience: we have faced all kinds of situations and requests from our clients in relation to their forests since 2001. Do not hesitate to contact us – you will get answers to your forestry-related questions.

Useful information can also be found in the quarterly Sinu Mets (Your Forest) magazine and via our collection of links.

Is your forestry company looking for a partner?

We will be happy to work with other forestry sector companies that deal with agricultural and forest land and cutting rights.

SKP has had the right to buy land on a large scale since 2008 on the basis of the „Restrictions on Acquisition of Immovables Act“. Once a year, state authorities verify whether our company meets the requirements of the Act.